Regis Hector – the author of the works. Illustrator and cartoonist from France

He consistently supports Ukraine, regularly reminds the public about the Russian-Ukrainian war, publishing cartoons against the Russian aggression in Ukraine
Putin’s explosion
February 28, 2022
And don’t forget to clean everything before leaving
February 28, 2022
Europe changes its flag
March 1, 2022
March 2, 2022
Moscow eye
March 9, 2022
Insect Putin
March 13, 2022
International women day
"Here is your weapon! You must clean all your mess. I am not your servant!"
March 13, 2022
Fall of Putin
March 16, 2022
New Stalin
March 19, 2022
Putin stumbles
Putin: "Shit!"
March 24, 2022
Russian soldier, go home. History is wrong
"Verdun, 1916–1984"
March 24, 2022
Vladimir Putin, war criminal and against humanity
April 4, 2022
Resist Putin
April 8, 2022
Putin and human rights
UN: "Russia is excluded from the Human Rights Council"
Putin: “Rights to what? HAHAHA”
April 8, 2022
Based on the Russian "Moskva" cruiser sinking
April 15, 2022
Chef Ievgen Klopotenko is cooking Putin
May 5, 2022
The 9 May parade in Moscow, Putin's version
May 9, 2022
Russian lie
Despite promises to reduce strikes, Russia continues offensive
March 30, 2022
Putin denies the news
"We killed a French journalist"
"Fake news and may also be civilians?
It's Western propaganda"
May 30, 2022
War crimes
June 8, 2022
How does Putin fall asleep?
June 8, 2022
Vlad Putin
Based on the acquisition of the EU candidate status by Ukraine
June 24, 2022
Dirty Putin’s war
June 27, 2022
Putin’s shopping...
Based on the mall destruction by the Russian missile in Kremenchuk
June 28, 2022
Putin’s farewell to Gorbachev
"Gravedigger of the Soviet Union! Democrat! Worst Nobel Peace Prize ever!"
August 31, 2022
Russians retreat, sowing death...
September 19, 2022
Russians flee mobilization
September 24, 2022
Keep on dreaming!
September 30, 2022
Sergei Surovikin, new Putin’s balloon
October 13, 2022
Putin turns the Ukrainian power grid into battlefield
November 1, 2022
Vladimir Putin allows the mobilization of criminals
Putin: "And I'm an example"
November 7, 2022
"Don’t stop on the way, continue to Moscow!"
November 14, 2022
Missile in Poland: Zelenskyy maintains his version
"It's mathematics, NATO knows!
Russian-made missile + war declared by Russia = Russia's fault"
November 17, 2022
Putin’s inspiration
November 24, 2022
Russia accused of war crimes by the EU
November 30, 2022
The voice of his master
December 7, 2022
Superhero Zelenskyy!
"Stop doing the "comic", Vladimir!"
December 22, 2022
Crime of Putin
“For calling the special operation in Ukraine a war, you face 15 years in prison”
"Who the fuck is that?""
"That’s you!"
December 23, 2022
Kyiv abandons the Orthodox "Russian-style" calendar, celebrating Christmas on December 25
December 26, 2022
I wish you all wonderful 2023, except Vladimir Putin, Igor Konashenkov and Sergei Lavrov
January 1, 2023
Rumours about Vladimir Putin’s health: he’s a living dead man
January 5, 2023
Putin denounces growing Western arms deliveries to Ukraine
”This is no game!”
”Because killing kids is funny for you?”
January 17, 2023
European tanks for Ukraine
“Get to hell!”
January 26, 2023
Russia will eventually explode
February 3, 2023
When will there be European planes for Ukraine?
“Can I fly?”
“Soon... still some details to be settled!”
February 10, 2023
Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv
February 21, 2023
First anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion
February 24, 2023
First anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion
February 24, 2023
First anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion
February 24, 2023
March 7, 2023
No to the Russian athletes at the Olympic Games in Paris!
March 16, 2023
When Putin makes a movie
March 20, 2023
Change of scene at the UN with the Russian Presidency
April 2, 2023
True face of the Russian army
April 13, 2023
Chinese ambassador to France denies sovereignty of post-Soviet states
"Brave beast!"
April 24, 2023
“Help! A drone is attacking me!“
“Calm down, president-dictator, it's only a mosquito! But you are right, it may be Ukrainian!”
May 5, 2023
May 9, 2023: “Victory Parade” on the Red Square
G7: new sanctions against Russia in Khiroshima
May 19, 2023
Kakhovka: Putin spits his venom
June 7, 2023
Prigozhin’s spanking of Putin
June 25, 2023
Zelenskyy on the Snake Island of the 500th day of the war
July 10, 2023
Russians mined the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant
July 10, 2023
Moscow has announced the end of the agreement on the export of Ukrainian cereals
July 18, 2023
Moscow has announced that any ship sailing in the waters of the Black Sea towards Ukrainian ports would be considered as carrying military equipment
July 20, 2023
Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa destroyed by Russian bombing
“You really don't know what you're doing, it's unforgivable!”
July 24, 2023
In spite of win, the Ukrainian Olha Kharlan was disqualified from the world championship for not shaking hands with the Russian Smirnova
July 28, 2023
Replacement of the Soviet coat-of-arms on the Motherland Monument
July 28, 2023
Ukrainian drones in Moscow
July 31, 2023
Maria Lvova-Belova, ogress of Kremlin
August 1, 2023
We need to use this opportunity to keep Europeans busy and away from Ukraine
"Several fronts at the same time, isn't that risky"
"Just like the Nazis!"
August 2, 2023
Bombing of the blood transfusion center in Kupiansk
August 6, 2023
Saudi Arabia wants to be a mediator with the meeting on the war in Ukraine
August 6, 2023
Ruble falls to the lowest level within 16 months
"Kill, please"
August 7, 2023
Russia wants to invade the Moon
"Space will be never large enough for you to hide!"
August 8, 2023
Ukrainian farmers have to grow shell wrecks on their fields
August 16, 2023
The container ship "Joseph Schulte" defies Russia
August 18, 2023
"Luna-25: the Russian probe crashed on the Moon
"Another failed invasion"
August 20, 2023
The United States give the go-ahead for the F-16 delivery
August 22, 2023
August 24, 2023
Prigozhin killed in air crash, a Putin's work?
August 24, 2023
Heil Putin!
Putin forces the Wagner members to take an oath
August 26, 2023
After the wave of indignation provoked by invitation of the Russian ambassador, the Nobel Foundation has decided not to invite him to the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm in December
September 3, 2023
Ukrainian police reported on the bomb threats to the Ukrainian schools on September 1, the start of the new school year
September 3, 2023
Kyiv's students go back to schools under the sound of the bomb threats
September 3, 2023
Russian pilot has deserted to Ukraine
September 6, 2023
Go for shopping to Kostiantynivka and don't forget about the butcher
"You order, president-dictator!"
September 6, 2023
Putin the anti-Semit
September 11, 2023
"Kim! Help me, I suck!"
"Come on, a good dictator does not cry!"
September 12, 2023
"Putin's doctor is arrested attempting to flee abroad
"Doctor, come back!"
"No, you are too crazy!"
September 14, 2023
Russian submarine hit by the Ukrainian missile strike in Sevastopol
September 14, 2023

About project

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an insidious attack on the territory of Ukraine. Since then, the Museum has received many offers of help and cooperation. Museums and cultural institutions provided their spaces for museum exhibitions about Ukraine's fight for freedom and democratic values. However, there were artists who donated their works to the Museum. One of them is the French illustrator and cartoonist Regis Hector. He sent the Museum caricatures of his own authorship on the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

These are works that reflect the steadfast resistance of Ukrainians to Russian aggression and their bravery in defending the European future of their country and the futility of the invaders' plans to dominate Ukraine.

We sincerely thank Mr. Hector for providing works, his sharp political satire, support for Ukraine, as well as our partner, the director of the World Center for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights in Verdun, Philippe Hansch, for his cooperation and comprehensive assistance.

We hope that the collection of political cartoons of Regis Hector will grow until the Victory of Ukraine in this war.

  • Author of the caricatures – Regis Hector
  • Curator – Danylo Hrehul
  • Translation and communication – Dmytro Hainetdinov
  • Design, animation, programming – Oleksii Raldugin

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