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An art-project is about motivated reinterpretation of the “Motherland” monument during the Russian-Ukrainian War.

From the first days of the open aggression, artists repeatedly used the image of the “Motherland” as a sign of resistance. We witnessed the rapid transformation of the sculpture and its development as a new, reinterpreted symbol of the struggle and the inevitable victory of Ukrainians. The most defining thing for artists and content makers was the geographical orientation of the sculpture towards Moscow, while the sword and shield in its hands turned into an effective anti-ruscist weapon.

It was a new patriotic, sometimes satirical, digital content that expressed motivation for resistance and armed struggle against the occupants. The accumulated collection is a real art worth seeing.

The soundtrack of the project is an anime-style clip for the song “Mech” (Sword) by Sera Sheer, in which the artist Artem Biryukov gave a prominent place in the fight against rashism to the “Motherland” monument.

The selection of materials dates from February 24 to August 24, 2022. Collected from open sources. We will be grateful for clarification the authors of artworks.

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