Remembrance event of Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko

This weekend, in the space of the exhibition "Ukraine – Crucifixion," we honored the memory of combat medic Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko.

The soldier died on January 15, 2023, near Bakhmut. A meeting was held in his memory at the Museum on the anniversary of his death. The family and comrades-in-arms reminisced about the cheerful and friendly man, sharing their fond memories.

Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko lived in Canada for a long time, had a busy life, traveled the world, and made plans. However, when he realized that a russian attack was imminent, he returned in January 2022 to defend Ukraine. Despite his long-held dream of sailing around the world, Greg chose a different path–to save Ukrainian lives from the death the russian army brought to our land.

Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the early days of the full-scale invasion. At first, he was a part of the Azov Regiment, and in April 2022, he joined the International Legion. As a combat medic, Greg saved the lives of soldiers and civilians in the hottest spots on the frontline – Hostomel, Moshchun, Bucha, Energodar, Lysychansk, Kherson, and Bakhmut.

His mother, sister, aunt, brothers, and classmates all remember him as an exceptionally bright, thoughtful person who always found time to communicate, support, and care. They talked about his self-sacrifice and willingness to work hard for a higher purpose. Sister Alisa recalled how Grygorii raised his nephews: "Guys, no matter where you are, remember who you are because you are Ukrainians. Be proud to be Ukrainians. Because we will win back Ukraine, and you have to rebuild and develop it."

During the event, the teacher of his class, Maria, mentioned that the students, teachers, and classmates of his School No. 89 had requested the authorities to name the school after the fallen hero. Representatives of the Kyiv City Council and Defence Intelligence of Ukraine supported this initiative. Soon, the school where the Ukrainian defender studied will bear his name.

Museum employees are making great efforts to honor the memory of Greg, featuring his life story in the Steel Titans of Bakhmut exhibition.

Heroes do not die as long as memory about them lives on. So remember those who protect you at the cost of their lives.