The Motherland Monument

The Motherland Monument is one of the visiting cards of Kyiv. The sculpture is a part of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War and symbolizes the feat accomplished by people during the war.

The author of the monument is the sculptor Vasyl Borodai.

A huge number of sculptors, architects, scientists and different kinds of workers took part in creating of this building.

The project was realized at the Paris Commune Plant in Kyiv. Long-term experiments proved that one and half millimeter thick foliated stainless steel should be used for building.

At that time solid metal sculptures were not used in the world, that’s why it was necessary to face different problems, which were successfully solved.

The majesty of monument is really impressive.

The figure of a woman with a shield and a sword in her hands was installed on the tapered pedestal of 40 meters high (total height is 102 meters, weight is 500 tonnes), sculpture height is 62 meters.

The sculpture "Motherland" is a unique whole-welded metal structure consisting of three layers: the basic steel carcass weighing more than 280 tonnes, the auxiliary carcass with plating of 108 tonnes and one and a half millimeter stainless steel coverage weighing 90 tonnes, which is made of 27 large-tonnage blocks.

The Special technology of welding was developed by the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in Kyiv.

About 30 kilometers of the welding seams were made during the joint assembly and welding process.

When you look at the sculpture, it's hard to believe that a small shield has a size of 12x8 meters; sword length is 16 meters.

On the edge of the sword there is a special device for damping of vibrations of wind loads.

For movement of the people and the technical service of the sculpture two unique inclined and vertical lifts were mounted.

The sculpture as well as the Memorial in general is a complex mechanism.

For the purpose of the structural health monitoring the strict instrumental geodetic observations are determined.

The regular annual observations confirm the absence of any deviations from the dynamic equilibrium.

According to the leading experts, the monument "Motherland" will stand more than 150 years.

Time and again sculpture was denoted in various international and national ratings.

The monument represents an eclectic style.

It synthesizes the traits of Soviet pre-war art with its cult of the Renaissance ideal of physically and aesthetically developed person that was the dominant model of socialist realism style.

At a height of 36.6 and 91.0 meters the viewing platforms are equipped which offer the panoramic views of the capital of Ukraine.