Ukraine in the Second world war

The museum's exhibition complex, consisting of 16 halls on 3 floors of the building, shows the Ukrainian side of the World War II.

The materials reveal the topics of military operations, strategies of surviving withing the war and postwar periods, genocide, fight for the independence between two totalitarian regimes, demographic transfers, and historical memory about the World War II.

The underlined is shown from the perspective of museum's artifacts. The united art-historical image of "Roads of war", as well as numerous art and multimedia installations require to reflect and think over the revealed periods.

Ukraine. Unfinished War...

Why does the memory about the Second World War still bother us? The answer is a new exhibition project “Ukraine. Unfinished War ...”. Its concept is to show with the museum objects the difficult path to independence of Ukraine, to look at the past events of Ukraine not through the prism of certain political preferences, but through documents, evidence and factual information.

Structure and emotional content of the exposition contribute the colored solution. The dark red color (like blood) accompanies the narrative of the events on the fronts of the First and the Second World Wars, in which Ukraine became the epicenter of the bloody fighting. The history of the Ukrainian nation was written during the military confrontation and political upheavals. The grey color represents the state of the ordinary person, who is outside the laws of morality and humanity.

Art installations contribute philosophical reading of the presented materials.

We invite you to see the exhibition. Entrance ticket lets you visit it.