Donetsk Airport: A History of Valor, Brotherhood, and Self-Sacrifice

To commemorate the Day of Remembrance of Donetsk Airport Defenders, our museum educators conducted a series of patriotic educational activities: an online lesson for students of Kramatorsk College of Technologies and Design, a thematic event and tour at the Exhibition Center of the Museum for students of the National Technical University of Ukraine ’Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,’ and an off-site lesson at the educational complex: 1st grade school - "Potential" gymnasium (Kyiv).

Researchers prepared presentations for schoolchildren and students, telling the stories of the same ’cyborgs’ who bravely defended the Donetsk International Airport for 242 days. Most slides were dedicated to the personal stories of the defenders, as many of them had become heroes of museum thematic exhibitions, and their personal belongings are part of the museum’s collection.

The young boys and girls, with genuine enthusiasm, absorbed every word, viewed slides and videos, and afterwards had numerous reflections and questions about events both a decade ago and today.

The battle for the airport is a crucial milestone in the history of the russian-Ukrainian struggle. These events showed Ukrainians and the world that we are unbreakable, and even when everything around us is destroyed, we remain strong!

We are pleased that through museum activities, the youth not only receives valuable information but also a genuine boost of faith in our defenders, the country, and most importantly – Victory!