Theatrical tours "Night at the Museum. World War II"

The War Museum hosted theatrical tours, "Night at the Museum. World War II," by the Creative Association "Night at the University."

During three evenings in our halls, we had the chance to meet Tetiana Markus, Oleksandr Dovzhenko, and even SS officers who were attempting to recruit people to join their ranks while on the Complex’s territory. Meanwhile, brave Kyiv residents were preparing to resist the Nazi occupiers. We witnessed the creation of the film "Ukraine on Fire" and the lives of Ukrainian families from that era. We experienced living with them through difficult times and making tough decisions to survive.

This is thanks to the passionate young people interested in researching Ukrainian history and presenting it interactively through theatrical tours. The audience appreciated this approach as many individuals explored the paths of the occupied city alongside the guides.

Today, the topics of occupation and war are relevant and sensitive. We are grateful to the actors and guides of Night at the University for their interest in and enthusiasm for the history of Ukraine in World War II.

We hope this was not the last collaborative project between the War Museum and the Night at the University Creative Association. Together, we can explore many more aspects of our history.

Long Live Free Kyiv!

Long Live Free Ukraine!