Exhibition opening "No Glory without Battle"

Ten years ago, on June 23, dozens of patriotic volunteers took an Oath of Allegiance to the people of Ukraine on Sophia Square and went to defend their country. The War Museum opened the exhibition "No Glory without Battle" to mark this remarkable date.

The exhibition includes samples of the uniforms of the soldiers, which show the history of the unit’s development, from the guerrilla corps to the 12th Special Forces Brigade Azov, named after Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi of the National Guard of Ukraine, fragments of an Iskander-M missile, personal brassards of the Azov soldiers and an installation dedicated to the soldiers who died as a result of a terrorist attack in the prisoner of war camp in the village of Olenivka.

In his speech, the Museum’s Director General, Yurii Savchuk, emphasized the importance and relevance of this exhibition. He stated that Azov is a legendary Brigade, and on the eve of the exhibition’s opening, the US government lifted the ban on the supply of American weapons to Azov.

Lieutenant Vladyslav "Docent" Dutchak, who survived russian captivity and participated in the defense of Azovstal, spoke about the peculiarities of the Azov Brigade. The patriotic volunteers built the unit using the best practices of the UPR and UPA armies.

He also pointed out that the slogan "No Glory without Battle" has been validated by the fighters’ active participation in extremely difficult battles. They are recognized for their role in liberating Mariupol in 2014, the Pavlopil-Shyrokyne offensive, their involvement in the fighting at the Svitlodarsk Bulge, and the heroic defense of Mariupol, which lasted 86 days. Today, the Brigade’s soldiers are pushing the enemy out of our land in the forests near Kreminna. However, the exhibition is not yet complete, as the most challenging operations and fierce battles are still ahead.

During the exhibition’s opening, the guests heard the Prayer of a Ukrainian Nationalist, recited by the Azov soldiers.

Azov is one of Ukraine’s most capable units, boasting a track record of significant victories in high-risk areas and a long and heroic history of the formation.

We invite you to visit the exhibition to learn more about the legendary 12th Special Forces Brigade Azov of the National Guard of Ukraine.