«Resilience Manifesto of the Treasury of Ukraine»

Today’s standard museum working day turned out to be very emotional!

The State Treasury Service of Ukraine held an unusual event within the walls of the Museum - "Resilience Manifesto of the Treasury of Ukraine".

The organizers gave a welcome speech in the museum exposition space, where the exhibition "Our Treasury" is presented, dedicated to nationwide social initiatives and charitable campaigns initiated and implemented by the State Treasury Service of Ukraine.

For the first time, the museum has collected and displayed in a single collection unique items, which were created within the framework of nationwide initiatives of the State Treasury. The exhibition presents the longest State Flag of Ukraine - 1 km 59 m 95 cm, which was unfurled at the initiative of the head of the State Treasury Service Tetyana Slyuz, on the Unity Day in 2018 during the All-Ukrainian campaign "Let us unite Ukraine!".

Part of the exposition demonstrates the resilience and dedication of the treasurers to their work in wartime conditions. In 2014, the displayed flag from Alchevsk, Luhansk region, managed to be taken out of the occupied city through the front line by Valentina Dmitrivna Kuraeva, ex-head of the city’s State Treasury. And in 2023, a fragment of the rocket was turned into a charm with an angel.

In her speech Tetyana Slyuz congratulated her colleagues who came to the event from different parts of Ukraine. She also thanked the Director General of the Museum Yurii Savchuk for his comprehensive support and assistance in shaping the exhibition and holding an event for the treasury community.

During the speech, the head of the Museum noted that the work of the treasury seems imperceptible to an ordinary person, but only until the service stops working. He noted that not a single day since February 24, 2022 has the Treasury stopped doing their job. Therefore, it is an honor for us to highlight the social initiatives of the Service and to tell about the big treasury family.

The event itself "Resilience Manifesto of the Treasury of Ukraine" was held in the assembly hall of the Museum. Treasurers from all over the country presented videos of their own production, in which they revealed the color and history of each region, and the heads of regional departments of the State Treasury addressed their colleagues in video format with the words of support.

But the most impressive were the records of the testimonies of those treasurers who survived the horrors of sieges, occupation, captivity and torture at the hands of the Russian occupiers. Not a single territorial body betrayed its duty as a public servant; all members of the great treasury family expressed dignity and worked as long as it was possible.

At the end of the event, Director General Yurii Savchuk presented the head of the State Treasury Service Tetiana Slyuz with a commemorative badge with the image of the "Motherland" monument.

And we are moving forward in the common direction - to the Victory!