Event “Embroidered Shirt of Zaluzhnyi” and exhibition “War through the Eyes of the Artist”

Two great events took place in the War Museum simultaneously: donation of the replica of the embroidered shirt of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi from the National Children’s Library of Ukraine and opening of the exhibition of the graphic artworks by Volodymyr Rebrov “War through the Eyes of the Artist”. The guests of the event were children, our most welcomed visitors.

During the ceremonies, librarians shared that on the very day when they presented the first joint initiative of two national institutions (the National Children’s Library and the Museum), the project “Embroidered Shirt of Zaluzhnyi” was born. Employees, young readers with their families, and friends of the library from around the world collectively brought this ambitious idea to life and... did not stop there. Today, an exact replica of the embroidered shirt was handed over for permanent storage and exhibition to the Museum. The library’s Director General, Alla Hordienko, and the War Museum’s Director General, Yurii Savchuk, under the flashes of cameras, signed an official document certifying this memorable event.

In his welcoming speech, the head of the Museum emphasized that during such a warm and cozy event, one can feel how much both institutions do for the younger generation: “We are now creating the country for which our defenders give their lives – a country for children. Our Museum will exhibit this embroidered shirt and tell future generations about the war, our soldiers, and the ’Iron General’”.

Alla Hordienko sincerely thanked to the museum team for cooperation and support, adding that despite the library used to interact with children, and the Museum with military, now all of us united for the common goal – the Victory of Ukraine.

The famous Kyiv graphic artist Volodymyr Rebrov depicts the war, our life and the future Victory. “War through the Eyes of the Artist” is an exhibition of his artworks created after the outbreak of the russian large-scale invasion.

Among them is one directly related to our Museum. Mr. Rebrov has drawn the Motherland Monument back in 2022, prophetically depicting the Trident on the shield of the sculpture. As the artist told the participants of the meeting, from the beginning of the large-scale invasion, he painted what is significant for Ukrainians, and our sculpture is precisely one of the symbols of resilience. The graphic work featuring the Motherland Monument was also officially handed over to the Museum’s collection.

The real gift to everyone present at the event was presentation of the creativity of the library’s readers. Children performed the poetic composition “What I Will Tell to the Soldier of Victory”, based on the poems of other children from different regions of Ukraine. Viktoria Padalka performed her own song “Angels” dedicated to the Ukrainian warriors. The event ended with the performance of the singer Yevhen Hrabovskyi with the song “Victory”.

May the Victory come! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and work for future!